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Pop Water Studio
Let's get weird

About the artist

Autumn Walsh is an artist who hails from the Greater Cincinnati area. Her unique style of pop art combines vintage comic book aesthetics with depictions of local landmarks being attacked by creatures, cryptids and monsters. As the owner of PopWater Studio, Autumn has gained a following for her eye-catching and memorable artwork that captures the essence of the region she calls home.

Her love of pop culture and local architecture inspires her to create a series of pieces that celebrate the unique character of the tri-state area. From the famous Northern Kentucky Florence Y'all water tower to the historic Roebling Suspension Bridge that spans from Covington to downtown Cincy, Autumn's artwork showcases the fun and excitement of the region.

No matter what type of artwork she is creating—whether it's for a local business or a private collector—Autumn pays close attention to detail in every piece and works hard to ensure that her creations live up to the high standards. Her popularity continues to grow as more people discover her unique art.

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of art that captures the spirit of the tri-state, look no further than PopWater Studio. With her unexpected point-of-view, Autumn hopes her work will make it onto your wall to brighten up your days.